lots of art and creativity

Well, still not working and busily job hunting.  In the meantime I’m enjoying spending time with my fur kid Honey.  Can’t seem to get into the Christmas spirit.  Probably a money thing. 

Been very busy creating.  Started my first she art in Aug/Sept and she came up good, the next one was a bit more of “my style” and ended up looking like my middle daughter Jessica (kids live interstate with their dad/my ex).  Then I decided to do a “50’s style” rocker girl, but she ended up looking like my mum.  It’s strange that they take on their own personality and become who you are thinking about when you create.  The next was designed to be my mum and came up lovely.  I printed an old recipe of mum’s in her handwriting and was very happy with how it turned out.

THEN, I decided to do a “life values” series – Red – passion, Pink – love, Green – growth, Brown – Comfort, White – Peace, Yellow – Hope, Blue – Faith, Purple – Creativity, Indigo – Loyalty, and Orange – Joy.  They came up great too, very happy.

I have also made a multi-photo display frame for my brother and his wife with photos of them and their kids.  Downloaded instructions for sock monkeys and are nervous at trying that as I’m not a confident sewer.

Have started another she art background with a kite, but not really motivated to finish it just yet.

Found Tamara LaPorte’s free course on “Art Heart & Healing” and have done the first week (5 weeks ago) and struggling with the next week.  Gesso’d the pages of my board book but then it was peeling off.  Realised I needed to sand them back first, so have prepped a few pages.

Have been trying different paper types to see what holds up to mixed media and what doesn’t.

Been practising drawing whimsy’s and angels and fairies.  Thinking of a xmas mixed media canvas but have enough projects on the go at the moment.

Would really love to be able to do heaps more courses next year, doing life book, would love to do the xmas ornaments, and a lot of Tam’s courses.  The more artists I come across, the more courses I want to do!!!! lol SO much to learn.