My first blog entry!! Yay! lol

Well, this is my first blog entry.  What’s going on in my life? Well…from August to just last Friday I have been working a couple temp jobs doing Admin, but my contracts have now finished, so I am back job hunting.

Creativity wise…I discovered “she art” and Christy Tomlinson and are currently taking her She Art 1 Course online, self paced.  Christy has a shop called Scarlet Lime that sell mixed media kits on a monthly basis (subscription or one off purchases) and all the awesome supplies she uses to create mixed media projects.   I have created 2 she art canvases so far and are halfway through my third.

THEN I discovered Life Book 2014! Its great value for money! Goes for a whole year! Can download and keep the videos and has 23 artists providing lessons and techniques.  Sounds awesome, and the wonderful Luke is going to pay for the course for me for xmas.  I have just ordered my supplies so I will be ready to go when it starts on January 1, 2014.

In the midst of all that, I have found Tamara LaPorte of who has an awesome FREE course called Art, Heart & Healing and it is online, self paced also and available any time to participate.  It’s about healing through art and has a variety of techniques to learn.  So, yep you guessed it, I’ve joined that one! Its a 4 week course and I haven’t started yet, waiting for my watercolour crayons to turn up (ordered them last night).  But I DID spend the day on Tuesday browsing the op shops (thrift/charity stores) for bargains for craft.  I got some board books to alter, some remnants of material, a cushion (for the polyfill, saves buying the stuffing) and a couple of zips.

I keep drooling over all the courses available and just want to learn EVERYTHING lol.  Lifebook will be awesome, there’s 23 teachers so will get a variety of styles and techniques to learn.  I want to do them all 🙂 I think, hope that next year I may try and do an online course even one of the short ones each month or 2.

When I work out how, I will post pictures of my latest mixed media projects.  Stay tuned.

xx M


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